Is there an Interface Reference Report or Enhancement Index for IFS Cloud?

  • 31 August 2022
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Until IFS10, each time an update was released, various documents such as NEWS about the update were published on the Partner Portal.

Whenever a Release Update or Service Update for IFS Cloud is released, NEWS and other information is published at the URL below.

However, I cannot find the following document which was available before IFS10.
 IFS Applications Upgrade Enhancement IndexIFSAPP10UPDXX.xlsx


If we are trying to Upgrade to IFS Cloud from a previous version, we will need the above documents.
If anyone is aware of any materials like the above on IFS Cloud, we would appreciate it if you could provide them.

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The interface reference report still exists, but I don't see where it is published.  It should be part of the Update release announcement since other What’s New info and the release notes are in the announcements like this on for Apps 10 Update 17: 


Attached are the latest interface reference report for Apps 10 Update 17.


The Upgrade Enhancement Index is available on community at: