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IFS 7.5 & Log4j - ​CVE-2021-44228

  • 16 December 2021
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Hi All,

I am looking for information regarding the new exploit Log4j and older customer environments. We are in the process of migrating from IFS 7.5 to IFS Cloud but we do need to keep our 7.5 environment serviceable for the short-term.

I appreciate that it not the highest priority as there is likely a smaller customer base and it is an end-of-life product. However can we get some details regarding:

  • The exposure of IFS 7.5 Environments to the Log4j vulnerability
  • Expectations around if any patches, mitigations or updates will be provided to these environments if they are found to be exposed?

Even if the answer is no, we do want to understand the exposure so we can take the right actions internally. Any info is appreciated! Thanks

Note: Sorry if posted in the wrong place, first post!

1 reply

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