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IAL Live data VS Saved. Removing number values.

  • 17 December 2021
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Hi all,

Strange problem i have.

I have a very long IAL that is calculating labour efficiency so hits time card, shop floor clockings, operation history and oper history.

Runs fine when the IAL is set to live data only (apart from time card where i made a CLU to get that data before IFS HR gets in the way).

Now when i switch over to copy all data. Which i need to do as it takes 30 mins to run. All the Hours clocked are 0’d off which comes from shop floor clockings.

If i run the report from IFSAPP it shows correctly and in crystal the report shows correctly if im using the live data.

So why when its copied data the number is 0’d off?

I am thinking this is the HR module getting in the way but that should only happen with live data.
Also i cant find anything wrong with the code plus it works.

Permissions are fine for ifsinfo too.


Im not sure what is different about storing the data when compared to the IAL view version.

Bit odd. Otherwise i can keep it as live data and then schedule it but i dont want to do that.

Please insert wisdom.



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