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How to include patches into our build and delivery process

  • 1 December 2021
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We are in the process of installing patches in our IFS environments, but we are unsure regarding the process as we are maintaining our own customization layer. 

Some background information around our build and delivery process:
1. Merge update received from IFS into our archive folder.
2. Generate a new build home (without our customizations)
3. Generate a docker image containing the build home. This is done in order to run multiple builds at the same time. 
4. Build and install a new delivery from-to the correct update version. 
5. Continuously build and install deliveries including our customizations.

Step 1-4 are we doing only once for each update.

The question is, how are we going to include patches into this process? Do we have to add new patches to the archive folder and generate a new build home for each patch or series of patches?


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Hi, Can you mention your application version? 

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I think the following links contain the information you are looking for.


Patching (