How to download IFS Developer Studio

  • 2 August 2020
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I’m new to IFS,  I want to download “IFS Developer Studio”. I tried this


but this path is not available in my system



What do I have to do now?




2 replies

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The above link is not public visible. Can you check whether the following link works for you?




Normally IFS customers would need to get development license to do use the tool and do developments. If you already have that but cannot access above link I think its better you create a support ticket and request the tool.

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We also requested access to IFSDS and this was the response:

“We do not permit the use of IFS Developer Studio, although we do reference this in various documentation.

Most everything that is done using the IFS Developer Studio are things that are not allowed to be changed. For instance it is used for IFS modelling and other development tasks undertaken by IFS. None of which a customer is licensed to do.