Application Load Balancing

  • 16 October 2020
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We are looking to deploy application load balancing in our production environment.  I just wondered if anyone has used this to date and have any insights as to how its working in their environment.  ie: any issues, tips to provide?

We have it set up in our test layer and can see with just minimal amount of users some may hit a different server but would be nice to hear some additional feedback on it’s overall usage from other customers. 

Thank you.

2 replies

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We haven’t done this yet but is something we also will be looking to implement early 2021 so I’m interested to see what thoughts, advice and gotchas others may have.


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I have used an External LB in App8, active session switching was not supported in that version. So in an event, one server has gone down or unreachable to the LB, users had to relog in and LB had settings to check which servers were alive before directing a user. The main benefit was load distribution between multiple server and uptime (redundancy).  Able to solve performance issues caused by the App server by having multiple low capacity servers instead of one high capacity server.

As far as I am aware App10 comes with the ability to switch sessions( if one server is not reachable) where the same session is maintained in all App servers. (If I am not mistaken this doesn't pass the full benefit of having slightly low capacities multiple servers)