How to get certified?

  • 11 August 2022
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As an IFS partner employee, I’ve setup my new training plan to get certified by the end of this year. I’ve tried to scan all training available for free to get familiarized with the provided traing modules. I’ve downloaded all the documents on the certification process and I’ve finally made my own certification plan according to my actual knowledge. I was a bit loss during the navigation but it’s a part of the process. May be IFS can improve how to find easily any items we are looking for.

Today I’ve started form the basic requirements required by the certification. Some of them are free but many requires fees. I consider myself as an expert on the domain I’ve choosen but I dind’t see easily how to pass the test on those prerequisted modules to evaluate myself before the certification. Howether, I’ve got an appointment to pass my test by the end of november this year. If you can explain to me step by step how to get to the final exam (Project management), it would be great Thank you

1 reply

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Hi @Andryis - You can reach out to the Academy directly with They should be able to sort this out for you!