Rename the operational reports

  • 15 September 2021
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Today when I send an operational report (OA) to my e-mail the file gets the name CUSTOMER_ORDER_CONF_REP_39XXX. Is it possibly to have the filename be for example the order number?

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Are you in APP9 version earlier than UPD17?

Or are you in APP10, in a version before APP10 UPD9?

What is the process you use to email the report? Is it not the Print dialog’s email option?


Reason for asking above is, after F1 bug 116342 , which gave the freedom of defining attached file name to IFS product teams (via new PDF_FILE_NAME)… Supply chain group modified most of their reports to use the ‘Report name_Object ID’  (instead of ‘Report Name_result key’) via bug 151107.


Supply chain bug 151107, which went for APP9UPD17 and APP10UPD9, will make your order confirmation report PDF attachment look like below. I have used the print dialog for customer order confirmation to generate below.


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