Actual Ship Date in PO Line in Version 8

  • 16 September 2021
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Kindly let me know how to update “Actual Ship Date”?

2 replies

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This question below was submitted to R&D, for APP8:

Please explain what Purchase Order Lines - Actual ship Date column is for. When and how it is used.  Besides help information I did not find anything about this field.

Per R&D, “The Actual ship date, however it is only available through EDI message, the dispatch advice and the delivery note. When the dispatch advice is approved (in Purchasing-> Receipt-> Incoming Dispatch Advice window), information about the delivery note, dispatched quantity, and dispatch date/ Actual Ship Date is updated on the connected purchase order. Actual Ship Date: The actual date and time of dispatch from the supplier Actual Ship Date field is normally used in Inter site or Distribution order Transactions. Therefore enable the use of the field an inter-site set up should exist with an internal supplier and internal customer. I.e. when the supplier is located on another site and the purchase order originates from a customer order demand with supply code Int Purch Dir , Int Purch Trans, etc.”

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