Trying to put receipt into inventory location and getting error

  • 20 September 2021
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Error reads “Expiration date may not be later than from-locations exp. date”

4 replies

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When moving stock from location to location, the system checks the ‘To location’ stock expiration date and it must be shortened or equal to ‘from location’ stock expiration date. Even if the “To location” stock expiration is null, it indicates the infinite expiration value.
Therefore, the system raises the error if the parts are moving to a location which expiration date is later than from location.

The user can set an expiration date (same or less than of the header Exp date) manually in the received Inventory part line record. Then it should be possible to move it without the error.


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I’m not sure exactly where you are referring to this expiration date being - we checked the locations and nothing there.  We couldn’t enter the expiration date in the receive inventory part screen as that location was not there yet - assuming the warehouse is now storing this in a new location.


What I was able to do was one by one move them to a different location and then from there move them to the location I wanted.  I had to do this one by one though because if I tried more then one it gave me the same error again.  This is all confusing because originally it did let me move 1 directly to that location.   Very confused

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Did you check the ‘Expiration date’ column in the screen ‘Inventory part in stock’ for the specific stock you are trying to move ? There must be a date set there which is the expiration date of the source location. It will be compared with the expiration date set for the destination location when moving.

If no value is entered for the destination location, the expiration date at the source location will be used. If an expiration date already exists at the destination location, that date will be used if it is earlier than the expiration date at the source location. If an expiration date already exists at the destination location and that date is later than the expiration date at the source location, the movement is not allowed. Hence the error occurs. 

Your scenario will be clear if you mention what are you trying to do exactly. Are you trying to move inventory parts from ‘Inventory part in stock’ screen or are you moving parts being in the ‘Receipt’ screen eg: moving parts after receiving a purchase order into arrival?

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Hi @sandra.waud 

I once faced a similar issue. IFS designed Patch which is available from UPD13 onwards will resolve this issue.