Supplier tax - Transaction level in Company tax control

  • 15 November 2021
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What is the functionality of the Supplier tax - transaction level check box in Company/Tax control tab?

Help text and the F1 documentation say,

“ If this check box is selected and if the purchase part, purchase charge type or the no-part order line is taxable, it is required to enter tax on purchase transactions (e.g., purchase order part line, charge line, no-part order line).  Also it is required to enter tax on supplier invoices (e.g., manual supplier invoices, preliminary supplier invoices, external supplier invoices)”.

“Transaction level, validate the tax code on each transaction row.”

Is it validated in the PO line level and in the supplier invoice? Does that mean the application does not allow to enter a PO line in a PO without a tax code in the line?



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Hi @Manoj Balasooriya 


If you have selected the 'Transaction level' check box in Company/Tax control/Supplier tax, the system will validate the availability of Tax Code when you are creating PO line and Supplier Invoice. Below error will be prompted if you have not selected a Tax Code in both cases;


"A Tax Code is required when supplier tax validation has Transaction Level selected on Company, Tax Control tab."