rental module / Supplier logn-term rent-in with fixed monthly payment

  • 29 September 2022
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Rental Module , Rent-in question


in IFS cloud

is it possible to handle fixed monthly payment in the rent-in module please ?

My customer handles a lot of long-term supplier rentals material with fixed monthly payments?

Thanks in advance.


3 replies

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Hi Emmanuel,

It might be good to generate a rental trasaction schedule for every month upto a period that you want to generate invoices by month. Once you start the rentals for the supplier rented part you can then generate transactions every month that will need to be invoiced.


Hope that helps.


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Hi Ryandu,  

the issue comes from there is not the same number of invoice days or weeks per month.

Currently, it is missing a rental unit “Month”.

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Hi Emmanuel, 

Yes I agree with you as days or weeks will not give you the fixed value to charge.