Quotation Approval to existing Purchase Order 22R2

  • 17 March 2023
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In testing 22R2, a functionality we had before is no longer available or working differently.

In 22R1, when we had an approved quotation, we could create a Purchase Order from the order quotation approval screen, select Add to Existing, and if there was a PO with matching site/coordinator/buyer, we could add to it.

Now, it is not identifying existing PO’s even if the criteria matches. 

Any ideas here?  I searched through all the 22R2 documentation and couldn’t find anything.


1 reply

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Hi @TTRACY I’ve checked the functionality with Latest 22R2 Reference environment and it is working fine there (See below Sample Screenshot),



So, we can presume that there is no change from the functionality compared to previous IFS Versions inc. 22R1, hence it could be a Data/Setup issue that is preventing your existing Purchase Orders appearing from Quotation to Order -  Parameters window. So, suggest you do bit more tests on this (Probably by creating two back to back Purchase Orders for the Same supplier, Delivery dates, etc..) and if you still can’t get it to work, you can report this as a support issue.