Over Supply & Remove Order Calculation - MRP Actions Proposal

  • 25 July 2022
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  • Do Gooder (Customer)
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I’m trying to understand how the over supply and the remove order messages (in MRP Actions Proposal) are calculated ? What parameters are taken into account to generate these messages? Thank you 

2 replies

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If you find anything out let me know. Looking for the same answer


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Just to give a quick answer how MRP creates the Remove Order message. And in this example, just to keep it simple:
No inventory onhand for the part
(D)emand order = (S)upply order when it comes to qty

===D1===S1===S2===D2===S3===> Time

For S1 you get a Late Order Message
For S2 you get a Early Order Message
For S3 you get a Remove Order Message, because all demands are netted, no net requirement qty left to net. MRP thinks is waste to keep the supply order S3, but you as a planner may want to keep it because you for example have free capacity and you expect sales order(s) are coming in soon.

Perhaps S3 was created because there was a D3 customer order demand line, which later was cancelled.