Moving a Stock Picked Location part to Quality Assurance Location

  • 15 July 2022
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If a part is already in stock in a Picking Location Group can the part be moved to a Quality Assurance Location Group?

(looking at prior chats, there is always reference to receipt, this is post receipt, when the part is in stock and being used at a Picking Location)


For Stock Items we are currently using Quality Named “Picking” locations with Availability Control IDs.


Groups have complained the part still shows in the Quantity Available in “Inventory Part Availability Planning screen” when a part is being Quarantined.

2 replies

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The standard procedure here is in fact to create a "QC Blocked" pick location with a corresponding Availability Control ID predefined. This way, the ACID is automatically assigned as soon as an part is moved there (and is therefore automatically blocked).

But I agree, it would be more ideal if you could move the item back to a QA location group.

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The question is really do you want to, we find that QA location type is too limiting and hasn’t helped in this process.

You would need to use Availability Controls to control the visibility of the part when in quarantine.  I’ve explained this a bit in these other community posts.