Is there a setting in IFS that permits partial moves of transport task lines?

  • 29 October 2021
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A customer uses the transport task to stage materials to a floor stock location (a move from a warehouse location to a floor stock location). The Transport Task to stage materials is created from Inventory Part in Stock reservations.

Approximately 40% of customer’s shop orders run for days at a time. For these large orders, not all materials can be stage all at once as there isn’t enough physical space on the manufacturing floor.
IFS does not permit partial moves of transport task lines.
Customer would like to partially execute a transport task line but is prevented from doing so by IFS.
•    Is there a setting in IFS that permits partial moves of transport task lines?  
•    If so, is there a setting in IFS that permits operation reporting when only part of the transport task line has been executed?

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No is the answer to both your questions.

If the material on the transport task line would not have been reserved typical solution would be to split by duplicate the line and adjust the qty on each line to the portions to be moved per day.

For reserved mtrl the reservation in itself is swopped from the demand (Customer order or Shop order Material) to the transport task, and after the move performed back to the demand. This is the reason why split by duplicate is not allowed on transport task lines for reserved mtrl.

A potential solution might be to try to created transport task for the required mtrl before reservation has been done. As a kind of forecast what is expected to be required to be moved. So reservation on initial days mtrl would be done on the work center inbound location (with the split by duplicate possibility to finetune qty to be moved at each occasion), and later days mtrl on locations that require reservations to be moved later as the final move.