Get around action event with data migration

  • 22 September 2022
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Hi everyone, 

My client asked for an event action to block modification on the supplier and the client whenever there is no approval routing under process, and this event action is set up.

However, they have 500 companies, so we are setting up a replication job of data migration : whenever a company is created, it is added to the company elements of the supplier and the client (based on a “master company”). However, this replication job might not work with the event action that were set up.

Two questions :

  • Do you know if this replication job of data migration can bypass this action event, so even if there is no approval routing and the modification is impossible, the data are replicated?
  • Or on the contrary, is it possible to say on the event action, block the modification except if it comes from a data migration job?

Thanks in advance

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