Cancel a Material Requisition

  • 12 January 2022
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  • Do Gooder (Customer)
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There was a typo in the Due Qty and Reserved Qty of a Material Requisition, and has been reserved by accident.

We would like to unreserve the line or Cancel the Material Requisition all together and redo

we are using the IFS Cloud.

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Hi @dwils the way to go here would be reserving negative quantities. 


See what IFS Clouds Docs explain:


Un-reserve Material Requisition


This activity is used to un-reserve material in a material requisition. This is done by reserving a negative quantity. If all previously reserved parts in a requisition line are un-reserved, the requisition line status will be set back to Released.


The requisition line(s) to be un-reserved must have been reserved.

System Effects

As a result of this activity:

  • Reserved parts will get un-reserved and the reserved quantity displayed on the requisition line will get updated accordingly.
  • The line status is updated from Reserved to Released, if all the parts in a requisition line are un-reserved.
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reserving negative qty’s worked, greatly appreciated.