Where is Start Date and End Date of a time report in the MWO in IFS abailable?

  • 30 September 2022
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Dear all.

We’re preparing a quick report for HR related time bookings based on transaction in the MWO.

For this we need the Start Date and the End Date from the users entry:

User entry in mWO

In IFS we only see this as time report:

IFS time report

As you see, the reported time is in the future. IFS only creates a transaction date and duration. What we need is the possibility to see the time stamps as reported in the mwo.


Please point to the LU in IFS.



4 replies

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Search it in the Work Task Clocking page 



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Hi skullk.

That’s what we checked as well. However this is only the transaction:


What we’re actually looking for is the user entered date. The transactions will happen all at once or in a very short time frame. There is no clocking accourding to real time. 

So still we’re looking for the user entered fields Start Date and End Date. Please refer to the screenshot provided.


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What you see in the clocking as start/end is what user entered in MWO time report as start/end. Isn’t that what you need? For each clocking, a task transaction is created where transaction date and reported hours can be seen.

One thing to note is, MWO always creates clocking when a time is reported (manual or auto). When just the hours are entered, current time is set as stop time and start time gets calculated accordingly with the possibility to change manually. 


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I guess the issue is the future time. Can you check the failed transactions on this time report?

Why is this person reporting time in the future?