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  • 9 September 2021
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Could someone please help with the situation bellow?

I have set up a schedule to transfer the work assignments to mobile with transfer_window = 1.

I understand that the system will transfer just the the of the allocated start.

But the system has transfered all the assignments of different day.

E.g. Allocated start to 08/21/2021, 08/01/2021 etc. 

Or the transfer_window means that the system will transfer all previous assignments till the sysdate as I chose “1” in the parameter field?

Tks a lot





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Based on the transfer window value, system determines the transfer window date (sys date + transfer window value). Then all work assignments with allocated start < transfer window date will be considered. 



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Hi Skullk.

Tks for the info. I did another test and the system works like that. But to solve my problem, I just ignored the tranfer window date variable and set to sysdate in the cursor parameter.

It’s working well.


AND trunc(e.allocated_start) = trunc(SYSDATE)


when schedule a task, I leave the transfer window blank and the system just transfer the sysdate allocated start, not all.


Tks for attention