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Tech/Repair portal screen customization - issue

  • 7 August 2020
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Is it possible to customize the default screen (request/task) for a techportal or repairportal user?

Requirment is tech-portal user supposed to see few user-defined fields in request page.  Request Screen has been customized accordingly. Screen has been assigned to  corresponding role.

But, corresponding user still viewing the default request page.

Please advise

3 replies

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I assume you mean to change the screen in FSM client not in the respective portals? Just check if the mentioned users have multiple roles assigned in their person record. If so, might be the other role is superseding. Then you may need to assign the customized screen to all the roles of that person. If this is not the case will need to look through your changes to see the issue as you seemed to have done the correct way assuming you selected the correct custom screen and no access group issue is interfering.

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Hi @Asterix ,

One thing to ensure after @DHPALK’s suggestions would be that you have done a full cache refresh and also logged out and back in to FSM (both you and the user that would need the new screen).


Kind regards,

Lee Pinchbeck

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Please follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the UI Designer and select “Repair Portal” option  and then customize whatever the screen you want and then Save with a different name.
  2. Refresh Cache full.
  3. Then go to the Role screen and select the particular user. Then go to the Screen Tab and you have to add a record here for the newly customized screen. Screen name should be the original screen name and Customized name should be newly customized screen name. Then save.
  4. Refresh Cache full.
  5. Now login to the Tech portal using the above mentioned User Role and check the particular screen. It should load the customized screen.

Please refer the attached screenshots also.