Overwrite language in Aurena Native Apps (ServiceEngApp)

  • 27 September 2022
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Hi Community,

my Customer is using IFS Cloud in combination with IFS MWO Service App.

Since their company language is english they would like to use the client + app in english.

No Problem for Cloud.

But since Native Apps always take the device language, we have a show stopper here.

It’s not an option to switch all devices to english.


Does anybody know how to overwrite this “language of the device” setting?

Is there no option to switch only the app language to english??


BR Sven

2 replies

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There is no capability to do this in MWO. The App language is set based on the device language.


Please add as an Idea in the community so we can take this forward.



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Hi James,

thanks for your reply, even though it's bad news. 😅

Imho that’s an essential feature.

If I remember correctly it was always possible with FSM Mobile. That's why I couldn't believe that it wouldn't work with Aurena Native.


I will place it as an Idea as you suggested.


BR Sven