Generate work orders before Service Contract start date

  • 16 January 2020
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We use the service contract functionality to create annual maintenance contracts for our customers. We would like to create and assign work orders to our engineers for scheduling purposes before the contract start date (we don’t plan to create any financial postings etc until the contract starts).



A service contract with a start date of 01/02/2020. We would set this up in advance and use the ‘PM Settings’ tab to create the number of work orders we require. This would create the relevant entries on the ‘PM Maintenance Plan’ tab which you can generate work orders from. However the ‘Generate Work Order’ RMB option is greyed out on the ‘PM Maintenance Plan’ tab until you reach 01/02/2020. It would be ideal if we could do this the week before, this would allow us to schedule better.


We could just put the Start Date of the Service Contract earlier, however this would mean the date doesn’t reflect the correct ‘commercial’ start date.

3 replies

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I received the same request earlier from a customer for App 9  version and RnD confirmed that as per the existing functionality, work orders cannot be generated before the PM action is valid. Currently we have two validation when generating Work orders, first is to check the validity of the PM action, i.e. it checks whether the site date is in between the valid from and valid to date of the PM action.  Then it checks whether the maintenance plan planned date is in between start date and stop date in the Work order generation period given in the calendar generation.  So as far as the first condition is not met it will not create a Work order for the PM action. In other words, in order to generate Work orders, PM action has to be valid. E.g. in this case valid from is a future date so the PM action is not valid.


As a workaround RnD suggested to change the valid from to site date or an earlier date than that which will make the PM action active (Same will need to be done for service contract as well, which of course mean the start date doesn’t reflect the correct ‘commercial’ start date. ). And whatever the unnecessary maintenance plan lines it added can be marked as "generatable NO" to avoid Work order generation for those unwanted lines. This way they will be able to generate Work order for future dates.


However, since this can be considered as a valid business scenario in customer point of we have entered this in our Idea wall for RnD to consider for future enhancement. (internal link)

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We would like this functionality as well. We’ve had issues where WO’s were created outside of the Service Contract because we needed to get scheduling done and then that creates a whole other mess. 

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Is there any update on this?

We face a similar problem. We would like to generate WO ‘for the future’. We have situation where we, depending on the product that we make, need to transfer machine add-ons between machines and sites.


on 1/10 Serial object X needs to be mounted on machine A on site 1 (we use a WO for this job)

on 15/10, the same serial objects X needs to be transfered to site 2 and mounted on Machine B

on 30/10, X needs to be mounted on machine C


Currently, we can only make 1 WO, for the first action. Others WO’s can only be made afterwards. This makes planning in IFS much harder.

How can we solve this? We use IFS10