Different project connection for each PR line when PR is created from Work Order

  • 10 July 2024
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Hello All,

We are using APPS10

If I have created a Purchase Requestion using a Work Order, is it possible to connect each Purchase Requestion line to a different project activity?

I believe it if PR is directly created from PR screen, it allows it but not in case when it's created via Work Order?

Can anyone confirm and give me reason why is that?


Best answer by Thilini Kumarasinghe 10 July 2024, 11:35

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2 replies

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Hi @SaaAvinak 

This requirement is not possible in App 10 version.

When it comes to work orders, the work order can be created from a project activity, or the work order can be created first and then connected to a project activity. Anyway the work order can only be connected to one project activity and all the work tasks that are created in the work order will be connected to the same project activity.

Then if you create a purchase requisition and add lines, these are connected to the respective work task, hence it is not allowed to connect them to different projects. That means, a work order can be connected only to one project activity, and all the costs/revenue incurred in that work order will be reflected in that particular project activity. So you cannot have the purchase requisition lines connected to different project activities.

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@Thilini Kumarasinghe  
thank you for your response and explanation .