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Customer Portal user guide required

  • 2 October 2020
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May I get the customer portal complete user guide / document ? I cannot see any documentation on customer portal basic configuration  process, how to create profile of a customer , how to provide access , if multiple / concurrent login possible in customer portal, How many users may use one customer portal license etc.

Please advise.


Best answer by Kalpani Dissanayake 2 October 2020, 07:39

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3 replies

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Hi Asterix,


You may use attached document regarding Customer Portal which can be found from > Smart client > FSM6 customer portal.


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@Kalpani : Thanks for sharing the documnt . It was certainly helpful.

But, still I do have little doubt, on B3C customer profile creation process.

If customer opt for self service and try to create his/her own profile, How admin going to approve that access request ? If my company purchased 50 customer portal licenses, How many customer can use the customer portal ?

I believe customer portal license is concurrent true.


Please advise.

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Hi @Asterix,

The below section of the guide covers this:

‘Customers can sign up for an account themselves on the Customer Portal’s login page. Once they click Save, an inactive Person record is created. To grant the customer access to the Customer Portal, an administrator accesses the Person screen and approves the customer. Once that is done, the customer is granted access.’

A FSM Smart client user would need to go in to the person records and changes them from inactive to active which then allows the customer to use the portal.

The licenses are concurrent so you can have as many user logins as you like as long as the number logged in at any one time remains below the license limit.

Kind regards,

Lee Pinchbeck