Calendar View and Misc. reporting in Mobile

  • 4 October 2022
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 In 22R1 and 22R2, calendar view has been implemented in mobile. Please let me know if below are possible.


We can see the assignments on the calendar, breaks and the misc. allocations (Ex:vacation days) reported from mobile. If they report vacation on mobile will it be synchronized to HR module and vise versa?


Is it possible to see the public holiday calendar (This needs to be defined per site) in mobile calendar? 

Thank you!

2 replies

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Hi Nethmi,

What we can report on the mobile is Misc. Resource Allocations. Misc. Allocations are sitting in the General Resource Management (GENRES) and there is no direct connection to HCM (HR) absences. Therefore misc. allocations cannot be seen in HCM module as of today. However HCM absences can be seen in the  MWO calendar but there is no way to report a  HCM absence from mobile. I think the future would be to have a connection between misc. allocations and HCM absences so HCM updates accordingly.  

Currently the site calendar is not considered to display public holidays in MWO calendar. But I just curios to know how it is used in your business case. Does it use to see resource availability during resource scheduling and so on?



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Hi @skullk Sampath,

In our case, even though the mobile users are connected to one site, they do travel a lot. So having the public holidays connected to each site is beneficial to them as they are not aware of the holidays of other countries (sites) 


Sorry for the late response.