FSM 6 - Mapped Import with Descriptions vs. Code Values

  • 14 July 2020
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Hi all,

in FSM 6.5

Has anyone figured out how to create Import Maps for (Global/Metrix) Code Table controlled fields, where the user can import the description vs. the code_value? 

We are facing constant issues with users either not understanding that Code Values are needed, or simply not having access to the specific Code Values.   

We’ve previously compensated by creating Excel Import map templates, with dropdowns, but keeping those up-to-date with all the global code table values & descriptions is a large effort.


Appreciate allfeedback



2 replies

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By import maps I take it you mean FSM Connect XML Maps?

If so then an XML map can be created that imports data into ANY table within FSM.

If the issue you're having is around the validation on lookup tables then there is an option on XML maps that will assist you.

Please access an XML map and go to the 'Mapping' tab.  On each row there is a check box under 'FORCE CREATE CODE' - for each row where the check box is selected, if there is an insert into a code table on said row and the code does not exist this check box will create the code in the code table.

Be careful with this option as if poor data is sent to FSM on a regular basis then it has the potential to compromise the integrity of the codes going forward.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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Rudy -

You have to import the code table records first, though you might be able to do it with a single import map.  A table which has a field where you see the description displayed in the UI only stores the code value (not the description).  The descriptions only exist in the code tables.

@Paul Drennan - there is a separate thing which is an ‘Import Map’ and it can be used for importing data via Menu->File->Import/Export when you have data to import from a 3rd party system.