Customer Order and Work Order Different Sites

  • 13 October 2020
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We are currently on Apps8 going to Apps10. The workflow I describe below works in Apps 8, but not in Apps 10.

Our installation workflow begins with a Customer Order (Sales) and ends with a Work Order (non-billed Service).

The Customer Order is created and completed for one Site and the related Work Order is created and completed in a different Site. Also, Customer Order has one Customer Number (distributor) and Work Order has a different Customer Number (end-user). IFS 10 is requiring a matching Site and Customer Number between Customer Order and Work Order, but this won’t work for our business practices.

Any suggestions or ideas? Open to IEE10 and Aurena for possible solutions.


3 replies

In case anyone runs into a similar issue, this ended up requiring a modification.

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please let me know the UPD level of your IFS10 testing.



We are on UPD9. It is our intention to roll out with UPD9 as well.