Verify if the custom events ran

  • 9 September 2021
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Hello All,


I am new to custom events in IFS and we have few custom events that run when triggered, but I cannot verify at my end if they ran successfully or not. Is there a log or historical data or a tablewhich I can view to see when the events were triggered and if they ran successfully. Suggestions are appreciated.

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Hi @Sneha Mishra 


  1. Check whether both event and the action are in active state. if not both need to be active in order to work.
  2. What kind of an event action created for the custom events?

When you open the custom Event, in the right-hand upper corner you have the option to ‘create new action’. From that different action types can be created. [ eg: email, execute online SQL, Application message, Task,…]

It’s easy to debug by creating a small sql custom action and see whether it get successfully create the trigger\triggers in the table. If the triggers are generated,

Open the trigger from the database side and add an error message on the top and see whether it gets pop up. It pops up means triggers are getting executed.

  1. Even though the trigger get executed, relevant custom action might not be executing according its add an error message in the event action and see whether its popup

This way you will be able to identify where you have the issue.