Set Project switch active as default in Time Card

  • 26 March 2024
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Hello together,

when I report time on a project by the Time Card, the dialog with the switches “Project”, “Shop Order” and “Indirect” pops up. All the three switches are st on inactive. When I turn on of these on active, I can report time.

My question is now: is it possible to set the switch “Project” on active by default, so that (ideally) that dialog is skipped and IFS leads me direct to the Time Reporting of the Project, see screenshot? Perhaps by page designer?

Thx and regards Markus

4 replies

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Hi Markus,
I hope now the requirement in ‘My Time Registration’ Screen is met.

You should ideally get the required behavior in My Time Registartion when you do the changes in the ‘Time Registration Aware Modules’, as explained earlier.


However, to answer your question in the latest comment, I’m not sure what needs to be done in ‘Time Card’ screen to disable attendance and just enable ‘Job Results’.
Let’s see if any SME in TIMREP module can assist you on the latest request.

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Hi Ushan,

thx for the reply. Ok, just tried so:


I also refreshed the site before, but it didn´t work out to be directly guided in the “Project” reporting time screen. Did I do something wrong?

Thx for help!


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If you want only ‘Project’ as the module in time registration, one option is to set ONLY ‘Project’ as Active in “Time Registration Aware Modules’.


Then it’ll default ‘Project’ in “Report Time’ and you can straightaway report time for project activities.

I hope this will suffice for your requirement.

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Can anybody help? GUess this is to be done in Page Designer?

Thx & regards Markus