Report Project Cost = On project screen nets to zero

  • 21 May 2024
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We created a Project Cost using Report Project Cost - Non personal.

This uses posting control PRJC3 and 4. But all that happens on the project monitoring screen is that the Debit and Credit offset one another to 0.

How do you get it to show the committed cost you have posted and not offset. The debit and credit below just offset. We do not want this, we want one line to appear with a value of 10 so Revenue then shows 10.00



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Hi @Danny,

I suspect this is related to how you’ve set up your posting control. For the cost side of things, you’d want to set up posting type PRJC3 with preposting (control type AC2) for the project code part, but do not post the project using PRJC4. This will post just the debit posting to the project, and will show cost follow-up on the project. This is how you would generally set up the cost posting types, so it also applies to PRJC1 and PRJT1.

For the revenue, posting types PRJI1 and PRJI2 are used (which one is dependent on whether it’s taxable or not). You would typically want to set up both of these using control type AC2 for the project code part.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,