Project Inventory Not Available to Reserve to Work Order

  • 23 August 2021
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We are using Apps 10, UPD9. 

We need to reserve project inventory to work tasks on our outages. We moved standard inventory into project inventory to keep the inventory reserved to the engagement. When we attempt to reserve the project inventory to the work order, it will not let us reserve this. It is causing us to have a halt in our repairs by not being able to reserve.


We have set the material lines as project inventory, we can see the qty on hand in the project, but when we try to RMB reserve inventory that option is greyed out for us. 

We currently have a work around to move it to std inventory to reserve while the work order is connected to a project. But this is VERY painful.

Does anyone know if there is a step we might be missing?




This print screen shows the work order connection to the activity




The Work Task set to Released

RMB > Reserve


but an Information Message is displayed



After getting that message, the items can be reserved manually.  What is preventing the RMB > Reserve action from reserving the items?


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