Project dependencies and constraint

  • 26 August 2022
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wondering whether IFS projects really has the restriction to the dependencies and constraint that you scheduled, or this is just for planning purpose, will not do any control on the activity behavior?

for example, activity 1 and activity 2, i set the dependency between these 2 activities is Finish to Start. Does the system really will stop me if I start working on activity 2 (Release, create order, purchase receipt and etc..) before closing the activity 1?

same question to constraint.  if the activity is set to Start Not Earlier Than….., does the system really will control user’s activity to the project activity not starting the activity until the date we assigned?

Thank you.


Best answer by Anjalee 31 August 2022, 11:35

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Hi Ronhu,
Dependencies and constraints will be taken into consideration when scheduling the Project using IFS Project Scheduler or an external planning tool. When scheduling the Project, Activity Early/ Late Start and Finish dates will be set according to the dependencies and constraints added on the Activity.

No hard validation imposed by the application upon proceeding with the Activity.

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@Anjalee Thank you, you get what i want.