Project Deliverables - Creating a Serial Object from PMRP supplied MFG part

  • 11 August 2021
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Hi IFS Community,

does anyone know how to correctly create Serial Object from manufactured part, which is supplied by PMRP?

IFS Corporation states in the official help page, that Tags are automatically created when material received, if the the part is enabled for Serial Tracking (please read the help page topic "Assign Tag Numbers on Items"), but even if you Complete the Item, nothing happen in this case.

So, in this case, I am forced to go either to the Shop Order, which was generated by the PMRP algorithm, or straight to the Shipment, where proceed items/parts were reserved and issued, to find their serial number. (Why can not the IFSAPP10 offer these "shipped" serial numbers in the Tags tab definition?)

Another thing is that the IFSAPP10 in this case does not even allow me to define ONLY serial numbers, it requires ALSO definition of Tag No. This fact leads to the top item being defined as a Functional Object (not a Serial Object), in Equipment window.

Is there any step in the procedure that I have forgot to perform, to create a purely Serial object, from an item that has a defined Serial Tracking (with serial number generated from SO)?

Thank you in advance for your reply, David.

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