Project Connections Slow

  • 8 November 2021
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Hi all,

Currently having issues where Project Connections take 1hr + to output via excel. Or simply cause the application to stop responding. I have tested this output in test environments and this issue doesn’t occur.

Any ideas for this issue or how to further diagnose?



2 replies

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Hi @robert_g 


This could be mainly due to the amount of data in your PROD environment. That’s why you cannot observe the same delay in a test environment. You may,

  1. take a fresh copy of the PROD environment to a test environment
  2. re-try the steps to see if you can observe the same delay in the TEST environment.

If you could observe the delay in TEST, you can do a technical investigation.
Further you can ask your DBA to a take a  ‘Statspack’ report  from the PRD to see to which part of the process, more time is consumed.
These steps will help you to further diagnose the issue and if you could verify if this is not due to network or other infrastructure issue, or you can report to IFS Global Support by raising a new support case.

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Hi @robert_g 

If the issue is related to the amount of data as highlighted by Vibhusitha above, the posts listed below will give you some explanations and tips.