Planned cost in project activity for order line with supply code shop order

  • 27 September 2021
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Dear all,

I linked a customer order line with supply code Shop Order to a projct activity. 

I expected the planned costs to be the costs from cost set 1 of the concerned part (as correctly shown in cost column in order line) and as described in IFS-documentation:




In project activity the planned costs are the level costs of the part, not the accum. cost:



I made various tests with differing parts on different environments where the planned costs in activity have shown these outcomes:

  • cost set 2 of the part
  • Accumulated Cost – Level Cost
  • Level Cost (as stated above and shown in screenshot)



What should be the correct behaviour?

Why do I observe so many differing situations? Which setup is interfering here?




Thanks a lot!


@Bob Corrigan 

@Pradeep de Alwis 


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Hi @IFSmattis 

Please check the ‘Product Structure’ of the manufactured part and see how many ‘Phantom Parts’ are there in the structure?