My Time Management - Grid view issue in Aurena

  • 15 September 2022
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Hello  All

 I have an issue in Aurena for select people :

Human Capital Management > My Self-Service > My Time and Attendance > My Time Registration - Grid View

While trying to navigate  to previous  or next week I get a “Server Error” for /ifsapplications/projection/v1/TimeRegistrationEmployeeHandling.svc/LoadEmpData  

Drilling in, it’s telling me 

{"error":{"code":"ODATA_PROVIDER_ERROR","message":"An internal server error occurred. Contact administrator.","details":[{"code":"HTTP_METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED","message":"HTTP method 'GET' not allowed for this resource."}]}}

Could it be  a permission error (this user has the same permissions as the rest of us)? If you encountered this before, how did you fix it?


Many thanks,



Best answer by Åsa_B 15 September 2022, 21:57

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3 replies

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I guess I found the issue. Time Registration Time Base was missing for the select few. I think we need better error messages .. 

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Could you please post this issue to the community group: HCM Human Capital Management?

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I originally put it here because most of the time management we do is related with project work (i.e. assigning time to project tasks). since I found the answer myself .. I’ll direct my next questions to HCM area.