How do you update the current maintenance plan in the existing PM Actions

  • 22 November 2021
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I have extended the calendar for another 10 years, however I don’t recall how to update the current maintenance plan in the existing PM Actions. Do I need to generate a new calendar or can I use the existing one?


How far out can you set this calendar, 5, 10 or as much as 20 years?


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Best answer by Kasun Manuranga 9 December 2021, 05:30

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You can put calendars as far as 9999 everywhere. Don’t worry about the ending year. 

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There are few ways to extend PM maintenance plan.

The main functionality to do this is using the function “Extend/Shorten Plan”, here the current year taken from current PM_PLAN_HORIZON system value and you can enter new year limit. This will extend all PMs and also PM_PLAN_HORIZON system value will be set to the New Year Limit value you entered.
But If you want only to extend particular PM Plan, first modify PM_PLAN_HORIZON system value and modify the Valid To value on the PM.
The changing of PM_PLAN_HORIZON system value does not change any existing PM plan, but if you now create new PM it will create the PM plan upto new horizon.



Below the “PM_PLAN_HORIZON” value

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