Batch uploading Parts into IFS

  • 24 May 2022
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kindly advise what is the best way to batch upload parts into IFS? I was told there is a bug in IFS API, and some mandatory fields are missing in engineering part after migration.


Thank you.


Best answer by EriLNL 25 May 2022, 15:06

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4 replies

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Hi Ron,

In most cases this is done with a migration job or with a specific interface.

There is a simple solution in the Engineering part revision, tab Consist Of, RMB “Import External Product Structure”, in combination with RMB “Create Engineering Part”.

That of course only works if you are using Engineering parts in IFS

Regards Erik

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@EriLNL Thank you for your input.

we are using engineering parts. the RMB function you mentioned in your reply, should do in sequence, if i am not wrong.

  1. Create Engineering Part
  2.  Import External Structure

is that correct?


Thank you.

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Actually the sequence can be reversed

  • Import external structure
  • for any parts not known yet, in that structure, use RMB “Create Engineering part”
  • when all unknown are created, save the imported structure

Regards Erik

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I prepared a threat that has migration jobs attached. See: