Sending a automatic print job from an event

  • 5 August 2020
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We’re looking for some ideas how to auto print a report off the back of an event. 

An example would be, once we have registered an arrival, and a receipt record created, details from the receipt would then triggered and drive the report details though to print. 

Currently, we have a custom Crystal Report that is accessed via an RMB Custom Menu. But would like to use this report and it be automatically fired, and printed to a local printer to the user. 

I have read other posts mentioning CR is a little ‘heavy’ for printing labels, but would like to hear what options there are within our current process/setup to automate printing based on certain functional trigger points. 

Thanks for reading.


**Currently on Apps10 UPD8**

2 replies

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hi Rob,

Not sure this will help you much, but:

In my mind this is definitely easier using a Report Designer layout than Crystal.  With Report Designer we can use code in an event to order a report (i.e. generate the dataset) and then just call an API that initiates a print job.  IFS functionality takes care of how it prints.

It’s been a while since i worked with Crystal, but i believe you would need something more complex (maybe third party software) in order to generate an instance of a crystal report.

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See this thread - It helped me create a solution from an event to create/print/email a report out.