Lots of errors in BA reports after upgrading from Apps8 to Apps10 UPD8

  • 14 July 2020
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Hi, once there is an upgrade of IFS applications, are there any instructions to upgrade BA reports that a customer should follow? (for an eg: Using BR report upgrade utility, report validation etc.) A customer has been upgraded from Apps8 to Apps10 UPD8 and having lots of errors in their reports. When the reports are validated, validation fails. But it does not show what the reason for validation fail. Do we need to do client debugging to identify the cause?

2 replies

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This probably is too late but if my memory is correct, all IFS 8 BA reports have to be upgraded using a tool that is installed as part of the local client BA installation. If you go into the BA directory of Windows,  there should be an option that says “IFS BA Report Upgrade Utility”.

I used this on dozens of reports and never had an issue with it. The program itself is very straightforward.


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We’ve recently upgraded from IFS Application 8 SP1+ to IFS Application 10 Update 8 and we have a case open with IFS with respect to BA reports.  We are getting an error when we attempt to use certain DIM’s such as DIM_SITE.  


What error is your customer receiving when trying to use BA?