What does ‘adjustment factor weight’ refer to in APB?

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What does ‘adjustment factor weight’ mean in APB?

A definition with examples would be hugely appreciated. And if certain background conditions (i.e inputs or system parameters) are needed to use it, do say.


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I haven’t had a chance to test this myself, but here are some notes about it…….

Note: The following calculation is used to determine the adjustment to the need date:


[(New Adjustment Factor – Old Adjustment Factor)/100] * Priority Adjustment Factor Weight


[(1000 – 100)/100] * 1 = 9 days (earlier)


The adjusted need date is used when sort by earliest due date is selected. With an adjustment factor of 100, the adjusted need date equals the shop order's need date.

The adjusted latest start time is used when sort by latest possible start time is selected. This value is always calculated from the adjusted need date.

The adjusted date entered is used when sort by first come, first served is selected. With an adjustment factor of 100, the adjusted date entered equals the date entered for the shop order. It is adjusted by the same amount of time as the adjusted need date when an adjustment factor other than 100 is used.


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The CBS and APB logic looks at “adjusted” dates . Adjusted Need date, Adjusted EPST, Adjusted Date entered.

What you really do is with the assignment of adjustment factor weight is that you say APB or CBS to treat above dates differently, The effect can be seen in CBS and APB clients. Go to Shop Order object, and Show content tab. Then you ll see the “ real “ dates and “ Adjusted” dates.