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Shop Order Proposed location issue

  • 1 September 2021
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Hello All, 

I have encountered a significant problem that I have been unable to resolve. I need to delete multiple inventory locations, however, I am unable to as they are referenced as the Proposed Location on numerous Shop Orders. 

I have been looking through the help and online community, but I have not found a way to correct these en masse. The only workaround I have found is to go to each individual Shop Order and delete the value in the field. If the SO is closed, it must be re-opened and then deleted. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 


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@cjohnson Instead what you could do is set the location to Hide. This check box can then be used in combination with the Receipt Blocked check box. 



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@AanHGTS Hello. Unfortunately, that will not work. I need to delete it. I am trying to convert these locations from Picking to Floor Stock. In the example above, 32103 is setup as a Picking location. I am attempting to set them up as Floor Stock inbound Work Center locations, and rollout Cycle Counting of Picking locations. This would allow me to continue running Shop Orders and consume material from the Floor Stock locations while Cycle Counts are occurring on Picking locations. 

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In the Shop Orders page, use the context menu command Edit > Find & Replace for Proposed Location. Find a specific value and replace with an empty value.


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Hello all, 

We were able to address this programmatically. Our lead developer wrote a script that removed the Proposed Location value from the Shop Orders. This, along with manual deletion of our SORs allowed me to remove the Inventory Locations.