Shop Order Loses Rework & Alternates With Operation Block Change

  • 21 September 2021
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When a shop order is moved to a new operation block, any rework or alternate materials applied to the shop order are not being maintained.  


For example:  Shop orders on operation block B6510 were moved from operation block B6387 on 9/21.

When the shop orders were on operation block B6387, item 100XXXA was change to an inclusion of 0 and item 100XXXB was added in its place.  

Once the shop orders were moved to the new operation block, this change was no longer in place.  

Due to severe raw material shortages we are working through right now, we need to ensure the reworks applied are being maintained.


Any ideas on how to fix this is greatly appreciated.


Best answer by Björn Hultgren 22 September 2021, 08:59

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3 replies

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Sounds strange.

I tried to replace a component to an alternate component, then connected an operation on the order to one operation block, then disconnected the operation from this block and instead connected it to a new block. This did not affect the material of the shop order.

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Thanks, Bjorn.

It appears that this is not a consistent issue. It’s random, which has made troubleshooting more fun.


I appreciate your help!

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I could not replicate the issue in multiple test environments. IFS was unable to duplicate the error as well.


I suspect it was user error.