Shop order cost issues SODIFF+ and SODIFF-/Calc Variance

  • 10 July 2024
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When we close a shop order, the inventory item is being booked into inventory at a different cost from the actual shop order cost, with the difference being booked as SODIFF+ and SODIFF- (also shown as Calc Variance), and we can’t understand how the numbers in SODIFF+ and SODIFF- are being calculated.

I’ve attached screenshots of the General tab, the Costs tab and the Misc Part Info tab from the Inventory Part screen, as well as the Overview Unit Cost tab and the Cost Estimate tabs from the Shop Order Costs screen. 

On the Overview Unit Costs tab of the Shop Order Costs screen we understand the Accum Cost figure of £8,339.49 as we can see the detailed breakdown of this under Actual Cost Details, but we don’t understand how the Calc. Variance figure of £1,601.75 is calculated.  The product has been booked into inventory at the total value of £9,941.24, so this is impacting on inventory value.

I understand that in some instances the shop order looks at estimated cost, however the Cost Estimate tab from the Shop Order Costs screen shows total costs of £10,055.13 which doesn’t correspond to the inventory value of £9,941.24, so this doesn’t explain this.

Any help would be appreciated.



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