Shop order auto close when there is an MRB case

  • 14 October 2021
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For an MRB-In process with a Disposition Code which has the ‘Scrapping Verification’ checkbox ticked case in a shop order, When we report scrap on the operation for the whole shop order lot size,the operation status remains at partially reported. Afterwards, the shop order(with auto close code) does not automatically close even when the operations are completely reported and parts are completely received. Is there a specific reason for this?


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 Hi @Bhanuka Ranaweera 

Hope this explanation will clarify the issue !

When the total quantity in the operation is scrapped, the operation will move to Partially Reported state since the MRB case is not yet completed and the following operations will move to Closed state if the Increased Lot Size on Scrap check box is not selected. 
When there exists an open MRB case for the operation the application doe not allow to close the operation.
Therefore since the operation is not closed, the shop order will not be automatically closed. 
After scrapping the total quantity first you need to complete the MRB case and then manually close the operation.
Currently the MRB functionality works independently. That means even though we complete the MRB case it is not automatically reflected in the operation and automatically close the operation.
As mentioned earlier it is a must to manually close the operation after completing the MRB case.
Upon the closing of the operation since the shop order has Auto Close enabled, the shop order will be automatically closed.