Separate the Reserve and Issue of Planned Scrap

  • 5 October 2022
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Requirement/scenario: To make sure we have enough material (Components) to produce a finish product, and the material isn’t sold or used on another Shop Order, we need to be able to reserve some planned scrap. But, when we produce the product, we need the ability to report actual scrap and issue Material (Components) only for real/actual scrap. We can’t have the planned scrap automatically issued.

Currently in IFS: When selecting the Reserve/Issue Planned Scrap checkbox, IFS will reserve the planned scrap but will also issue it regardless of if you have actual scraps or not.

Question: Wondering if anyone else in the community has a similar requirement and how do you handle it?

We’re currently having to perform manual reservations for each such components.

Thank you in advance!


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