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  • 8 October 2021
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Hello all, 

I am seeing an issue from Shop Floor Workbench related to Approve Op qty reporting. It appears that users are enabling the Report Previous Operations flag during the Approve Op process:

From what I read in the help section, the box is enabled if the Qty to report is greater than the qty on the previous operation. This is very problematic as the default qty to report is automatically populated, which will enable the Report Previous Operations box. 

If the Site setting is disabled, the Qty to Report is blank, but turning this off results is By-Product calculations not being done.

Is it possible to prevent the Report Previous Operations box from being enabled, or can the Default Quantity to Report be disabled at the Site, but still allow for By-Product calculations to occur at Approve Op?



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If you want to prevent reporting previous operation automatically you can select the milestone flag. Then it is not allowed reporting a higher quantity on the succeeding operations than reported on the milestone operation. 

If the operation you approve is not a milestone, report previous operation check box should be unselected by default even if the quantity you report exceeds the quantity report on previous operation. Only on milestone operations this check box should be selected by default.

I'm also curious to better understand the problem with the by-products when manually entering the quantity to report. It was not clear to me what the problem was then. 

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@Björn Hultgren If report default qty is unchecked at the Site level, the associate must manually calculate the correct amount of by-product to report:

With the flag checked, the calculation is already made based upon the reported completed pcs on the operation step. 

We cannot rely on our shop floor associates to correctly calculate by-product to receive, so the flag must remain enabled. 

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Thanks for the clarification, the by-product problem is clear to me then.

I hope you can resolve the problem using the explained milestone logic.

In Aurena client it might be possible to control the Auto Report Previous Operations check box option better than in IEE since assistants/dialogs can be configured using page designer.