Park Shop Order if Failed Analysis Result

  • 7 November 2023
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I am looking for a way to automatically park a Shop Order in the event a failed QA analysis is confirmed. I am hoping to drive this from an event action, but I am not sure what the scripting would be to configure the event to park the shop order with a park reason. We are currently using IFS Apps 10 UPD 15. Any guidance would be appreciated! 


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2 replies

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@cjohnson There can be various ways of achieving this. A suggestion. 


Depending on the Control plan, you may identify a specific data point that is Within or Out of Specification. When you confirm the the Analysis Result you know there is an Out of Specification data point and the Shop Order No too. Then you can call the Park SO and change the status to Parked. Here you will need to hardcode a specific Park Reason (Eg. QA - QA failed) to set it as the Park Reason automatically. 



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yes, this is the exact way we are doing it. I’m moving the SO to parked with a “QA” code, and dropping the clocked in associates to an indirect code. Our developer is working on the code to trigger the parking.