MRP Part Required Dates - MS Unconsumed Forecast

  • 20 November 2023
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  • Do Gooder (Customer)
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How is the “Required Date” calculated for parts used on an item that has unconsumed forecast quantities?  Why is is the date scaled to the quantity?

In this example, compare:

A forecast quantity on the top level product (MTA5519SER3) of 10 for 4/2/24, causing a required date on the part of 2/14 (2 months)

A forecast quantity of 5 for 7/9/24, causing causing a required date on the part of 6/10 (1 month)


Why does the date required depend on the quantity?  The logic we we are looking for would be a required date backed up by 1 day, regardless of the quantity.  Is there a setting somewhere we can change that controls this?

We noticed this issue when we started using more phantoms.  For this part number, when used on another product (RS519GEN3) not using phantoms, the need date makes sense.




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